Elli Vuorinen

Sore Eyes for Infinity

Sore Eyes for Infinity (10 min) is a short animation directed by Finnish animation director Elli Vuorinen. The film tells a beautiful and heartfelt story about the feelings of anxiety and helplessness we all sometimes feel when trying to cope with the world around us – and about the equally familiar need to take a break from it all.

The story focuses on an optician whose workday is interrupted by a line of extraordinary customers. One by one, she has to witness them using her optical equipment in very unexpected ways. The film uses the colorful language of animation to raise important questions: Is it alright to just close your eyes if facing reality sometimes feels like too much? Or would it actually be better to try and change what you see instead?

Duration: 11’32” min
Technique: hand-drawn, 2D CG animation
Language: No dialogue, No subtitles
Format:  24fps 4K DCP, 5.1 Sound (smaller screening copies available)
Aspect ratio: 1.90:1
Premiere: 25th Aug, 2016 at Turku Animated Film Festival

Script / Director: Elli Vuorinen
Producer: Terhi Väänänen / Pyjama Films Ltd.
Music & Sound Design: Jani Lehto