Elli Vuorinen

About Elli Vuorinen

Elli Vuorinen is an animation artist who lives and works in rural Finland. Her works often strike a balance between surreal, symbolic, and playful. While her approach is often humorous, her films explore significant themes such as melancholy, humanity, and social structures.

Elli’s approach to filmmaking is versatile – blending digital and handcrafted in the intermediate terrain of fine arts and animation industry. She likes to experiment with the form and structure of narrative and storytelling. Different animation techniques also inspire her. Vuorinen’s farm studio allows her to work with everything between large scale stop motion, multichannel installations and drawn animation.

She works in a causal rhythm, where each new work is a reaction to the previous one, always taking a different direction. This constant curiosity and search for new methods, learning new skills and ways to express herself is in the center of her art practice.

She graduated from Turku Arts Academy where she now works as a senior lecturer in animation. She also runs a small production company Böhle Studios with her husband. The company produces short animations from talented auteurs.

Her six previous animated short films have won numerous awards in festivals such as Animafest Zagreb, Tampere, Fantoche, Chitose, Fredrikstad, Busho Budapest and Fest Anca.

In her free time, Elli likes to hike, cook and play with her daughter.