Elli Vuorinen

Flower Show

Courteous formality, allusive sexuality, and mysterious nature entwine at the annual flower show. During the celebration, wild flowers are stomped to the ground. In the woods, nature and fragile leg hairs continue to grow.

The poetic film portrays a fragmented story of how girls have been cultivated like flowers for generations. We need more growing seasons to breed new ways into the system.

Duration: 8 min 31 sec
Technique: digitally drawn animation
Language: English (subtitles available)
Format:  25fps 4K DCP, 5.1 Sound
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Premiere: Not premiered yet

Directed, written & designed by: Elli Vuorinen
Production: Böhle Studios / Kimmo Sillanmikko & Jani Lehto
Music & Sound Design: Jani Lehto